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Need help using your computer software?

Computers are powerful tools but getting them to do what you want can be a nightmare at first. Every task seems to need a different programme and learning how to use it can be a nightmare.    

There are two ways to learn, the hard way and the easy way.   Unfortunately in my experience too many people take the hard way - trial and error and, after poring over manuals and help files often end up giving up in disgust.   The smart ones like you take the easy route and get help from someone who knows and can teach.   Whether you are a home or business computer user, it's never too late to ask for help.

I love helping computer novices, intermediate users and so called "silver surfers" learn to make the most of their personal computer.  It makes my day when the "penny drops" and they are able to get their computer programme to do what they want it to do.

Here are some examples of the sort of topics I can help you learn
  • Getting started with your PC
  • Using Skype or similar to keep in touch with family and friends
  • Setting up and using Microsoft Office
    • Basic tuition e.g. documents and spreadsheets
  • Sending and receiving emails
When you need home or business computer training and tuition you can Call the IT Gentleman 
  • I come to your home or office so you won't need to waste time travelling
  • I can teach you how to get the most out of any software you have in digestible bite sized chunks
  • I speak plain English!
How much does it cost:
Most of my customers say I charge too little - Personal tuition is just £45 for a 1:1 session of one hour and will save your time and frustration.

Take the the easy way to master your PC - Take a look at my testimonials, then
call 023 8098 8079 or contact me today to book your initial session.