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About the IT Gentleman Home and Business computer support and training in Southampton UK

You can rely on the IT Gentleman

Hello, my name is Brian Skeggs and I am the-IT-Gentleman.
I am a friendly, mature, independent IT consultant who has spent more years than I care to remember developing, installing, maintaining and supporting computer hardware.

For the last seven years I have been providing computer servicing, support and training to homes and small businesses in and around Southampton and I am passionate about what I do.

In particular, I love helping computer novices and so-called "silver surfers" learn to make the most of their PC or  laptop computer and the Internet.   Seeing the look of delight when a grandparent is able to speak to their grandchildren on another continent over the Internet or use a simple software program to achieve a task such as compile a family tree, makes my day.

Why should you trust me with your PC?
  • I have over 40 years of IT hardware and software experience
  • I have a portfolio of satisfied clients who can and do recommend me to their friends and family
  • I love what I do - sounds corny I know but it is true!
  • I am independent of any PC manufacturer or store chain so you will get the right advice with no strings attached
  • I will always tell you the cost up front so there are no hidden surprises
  • I speak plain English that you can understand 
If you have a hardware or software problem or you want tuition to learn how to use your PC then give me a call on 023 8098 8079 now.